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Who are we?

My name is Tracy.  I have been a creative since I was a young girl. After enjoying a successful career as a Geologist and Computer Scientist, I chose to turn my passion into a business teaching people how to use art to connect, create and have fun by getting in touch with their creativity while finding inner harmony.
I regularly exhibit for local community projects such as Black Dog and in galleries around Melbourne.
I love to travel with my husband and family.  On my travels I love getting inspiration for my artwork through these experiences I have on my travel around Australia, New Zealand, England, the USA and Canada.

Why Warratahstree??

The Waratah is a large beautiful red flower. It is an Australian Native flower that is the New South Wales state flower (the state where Sydney is located). For many years I have been a decorative painter and I often chose to paint anything that had a Waratah in it.

  Warratahstree comes from a nick name while I was a Scout leader.  I had to find a name for the scouts to call me, as my favorite flower to paint was the Waratah, the nick name Warratah was selected as an appropriate nickname.
  So, when choosing an online name I chose Warratah. To be unique, I started using the name warratahstree as my online identity in 2000.

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